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Bonk! paint protection film is a clear paint protection film that helps preserve equipment finish by protecting vulnerable painted surfaces from common chips, nick and abraisons.

8 mil thickness with pressure sensitive adhesive
Weighs only grams
Contains UV protectants
No special care required after installation
Retains high gloss and original appearance
Easy to apply
Easy to remove

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BONK! Protection Films
Do It Yourself Kit
Item #: 01YK
Includes: - 1 yd of 2" film
- 1 yd of 4" film
- Bonk App. fluid
- App. squeegee
- Instructions
Price: $43.00 each
BONK! Protection Films
Dealer Installation Kit
Item #: 01DK
Includes: - Spray Bottle
- Squeegee
- Exacto Knife
- Instructions
Price: $10.00 each
BONK! Paint Protection Films
Reflective Safety Strips
Item #: 01RF
Includes: Each kit contains
(2) – .5” x 7.5” and
(4) – .25” x 7.5” adhesive reflective strips
Price: $6.00 each
Reflective Safety Strips - Day & Night
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsBlack:
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsWhite:
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsRed:
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsOrange:
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsGold:
BONK! Paint Protection FilmsBlue:
Chainstay Shield
Chainstay Shield -
Extra thick 14 mil
Item #: 01CS
Price: $6.00 each
Cable Rub Patches
Cable Rub Patches
Item #: 01CR
Price: $5.50 each
2" Wide x 1 yd. (36")
Item #: 0210
Price: @ $0.37 per inch
$13.00 per yd. TOTAL
BONK! Paint Protection Films
4" Wide x 1 yd. (36")
Item #: 0410
Price: @ $0.74 per inch
$26.00 per yd. TOTAL
6" Wide x 1 yd. (36")
Item #: 0610
Price: @ $1.11 per inch
$39.00 per yd. TOTAL


  ""BONK is a great product! I put it on my new Redline cross bike last fall. It only took me a few minutes to apply the first time I tried it, with the Do It Yourself Kit."
Steve Mathews, President
Paceline Products